Wednesday, September 3, 2014


One great piece to try that includes both flute and harpsichord is German Baroque composer Telemann's [1681-1767] Nouveaux Quatuors Parisiens no. 6 - Modéré performed by a great group [be sure to listen to more of their work here: Nevermind, ie. try the slow and lovely "La Cupis" by J.P. Rameau] of Anna Besson, Louis Creac'h, Robin Pharo and Jean Rondeau on flute, violin, viola and harpsichord respectively.

Actually, if you prefer gothic, Symbolist style music instead of Baroque, try the cd Rachmaninov Songs, the piece "Vocalise [op. 34, no. 14]" performed by Joan Rodgers & Howard Shelley. Rachmaninoff [many spellings happen due to transliterating] was a famous Russian composer [1873-1943] who wrote a lot of moody, emotive, gothic E.A. Poe style music.

Many people decompress by watching dramas--the urgency and shocks onscreen put everything into perspective for you, making you feel better about whatever annoyances and worries you face. One such tv series is The Good Wife. It has become so much more than its original premise that I only wish they would alter the title to reflect it--it's one of the most moving and wrenching shows of the decade. It's very mature, and very philosophical; no one gets away free or clean. Everyone is faced with reality, the truth: of hard choices, of no answers, of no solutions or balms.

It's the new must watch, gripping show, much like True Detective was. And similarly, at first many people didn't see how incredible both were going to be. They could have slid off the rails early on, but didn't, they just exponentially grew in genius.

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