Thursday, December 11, 2014


Great places to look at the art of Hinduism and India in general is ExoticIndiaArt. You could spend forever simply browsing and being exposed to amazing pieces of art.

Lana del Rey's song 'Queen of Disaster' seems perfect for this time of year, for some reason. It's such an enjoyable song, especially for people who like her faster-paced songs. FKA Twigs' has a great song in 'Numbers'.

Also, the French-Canadian group Ibeyi is a really interesting musically, and enjoyable; their piece 'Oya' is an amazing, moving song. It's the type of stuff I want to read reviews of on Pitchfork. Too often I try songs recommended and find them kitschy and silly-sounding, not moving.

World music is something that is an ocean of undiscovered love. The famous writer Paul Bowles recorded intense, incredible music in rural Morocco for the Library of Congress try this piece here or here's some non-Bowles Moroccan drums piece that are great--the music truly is incredible. Try any of the Sublime Frequencies recordings of music from AlgeriaSumatra or Java or my favorite, Morocco.

The huge perfume selection at Possets is literally ruining my life. I need to try 'Blue Danube' and 'Black Tea', and a million other scents. I'm obsessed with the 'black spruce' pine solid perfume at LVNEA--it's from Montreal and amazing. I mean they have 'Mourning Ritual' and 'Ghost Pine', 'Desert Night' and 'Black Sea'. It makes you think of Poe and Welcome to Nightvale at the same time, but make no mistake, these are serious scents for people who love perfume.

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