Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sometime reading gets you through the winter months -- and some great blogs on art [with tons of photos of some of the best art in history] are:

DantisAmor [Latin: Dante's Love] -- intense, lovely articles with tons of photos and academic discussion, excellent and very long

ByronsMuse -- a more accessible, shorter blog but similar to the blog above; discussion of paintings

TheOrientalistGallery -- incredible mid-1800s art of the Orientalist fad [non-European world painted by Euros]

MedievalChurchArt -- both art, discussion and very immense in knowledge

BeyondBordersMedievalBlog -- tons of articles and academic discussion

If you need more, you can read PreRaphaelitePaintings and of course, for a lighter time watch 30 Rock all over again. A great film to watch in the romantic, gothic vein is Onegin, it always bears a rewatch! It has Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler in the Russian, classic Pushkin epic poem 'Eugene Onegin' [Евге́ний Оне́гин].

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