Sunday, June 14, 2015


Brightblack Morning is a really interesting group for those who like ambient/modern ['modernist'/minimalist] music--try their great song 'Star Blanket River Child'. They are kind of reminiscent of the world/new age group Enigma.

More in the vein of Psapp and The Skygreen Leopards are The Bird and the Bee, I love their song 'Come As You Were'. Similarly, be sure to try Swedish-Zimbabwean Pauline Kamusewu's songs 'Loving You', 'Happy People', 'Give me a call', 'Answer', etc.

In a more French vein, but within the broader category, also try 'Retrolectro Hottie XI (Fame Dance with Dimie Cat - Glam Remix)'-- early 1900s styled and focused Dimie Cat is a perfect French, classic song chanteuse. She also did a selection of disney theme songs in swing style, like this one [it's 'Once upon a dream'].

She's like a European version of the American Puppini Sisters [their song 'Spooky' is great, it was featured in the BBC show 'Jonathan Creek' once]. Their version of 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' is great.

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