Friday, September 9, 2016

Background music

Sometimes light background music can help you focus -- two great categories of this type of sound are ASMR and chanting. Many people try the typical 'ear cupping' or 'plain whisper' ASMR and don't enjoy it, or they try Tibetan chanting recordings and get a shock from the loud metallic sounds included.

Here's a chanting one to try [search youtube for this title]:
Binaural Theta Bass_ ASMR Whispering Chants 432hz + 528hz = Mystical, Spiritual & Magical

Here are some ASMR that are interesting to try [you have to wear headphones with the volume high] where they scratch the 'brain' or top of a 3dio microphone, which makes a very unique sound [just search youtube for these titles]:

ASMR ~.~ Shh, Love ~.~ Deep Binaural Brain Tapping and Scratching
Top of the 3Dio Ears Tapping & Scratching (ASMR Binaural, No Talking)
{BINAURAL ASMR} Scratching Top of 3Dio - No Whispering

An interesting ice cubes one:
ASMR sounds of icecubes in starbucks mug

A unique 'long nails' opening things one:
**ASMR 🎧 Tapping, Scratching, Scraping, Digging a hard SOAP 🔊 (nail-resistance) many TINGLES

Variety ones [including ear cupping/talking etc] with 3dio that are better than the usual ones:
gothASMR Whisper 3Dio | Crinkle, Tapping, Scratching, Blowing
[Miniyu Korean ASMR] No Talking ASMR_Binaural 3Dio Mic Touching
ASMR_ Binaural Sound Series #28 - Scratching Your Ears

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