Saturday, May 3, 2014


Some music to try--we're recommending one per genre:

The female singer Florrie's song 'Shot you down' is a great example of pop music; it's is her best song in our opinion.

Mahalia Jackson's gospel songs are great, especially the Christmas songs, like her version of 'Amazing Grace'--it's slow yet lively and gorgeous, not drab like typical renditions. I don't even typically like the song, but she makes it incredible. Even if you don't like gospel, I would try it, it's unique. Also, she had amazing hair and style.

'Sheila ki Jawani' is a great song from the 2010 Hindi Bollywood film Tees Maar Khan--it's a great running or exercise song. Indian music often has great rhythm and would probably appeal to people who love EDM, dance/club or electronic music. 

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