Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tv Rewatch

One great show to show your kids or put on in the background for fun is the 90's Clarissa Explains it All. It was just great, in every sense of the word. It shows you what a different world the 1990's were. I urge all parents to ensure their children are exposed to classics--because while everyone is a product of their time period and zeitgeist, be sure to include some awesome stuff.

I will recommend a few things:
It's worth it to get an old Mac or PC computer and get the bookish, page-like Mercer Meyer and Arthur games. Also have kids play ReaderRabbit [for early reading] and NumberMunchers [for math]. Also be sure to get MuseumMadness and TombRaider is also good to spark interest in archeology and history, despite the graphics.

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey - a beautiful picture book about blueberry picking and Maine; by the way the state is also a great place for vacations for kids; Acadia National Park is truly beautiful, with ocean, tide pools and forests--and lots of ice cream parlors!

For pure fun and mystery, be sure to page through the confounding book Maze by Christopher Manson. It's like the Choose your Adventure books but even wilder. You can also look through it online here and the old page was here, but it's not the same--go through the 'doors' to specific pages and enjoy it, write notes along the sides.

While I don't love all the sequels, the YA book Sabriel by Garth Nix is great for girls especially. It presents true mystery, magic and gives you a sense of the vast open wildness of the world. It is truly an adult book, and it's important that children get a sense of how beautiful and moving books are, how truthful about the hugeness of the world. The sense of eerieness is important.

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