Saturday, December 26, 2015

Things to read: J style

One great blog is TheJapans, about a Westerner living in 日本 or Nihon, as we say. She has great posts, including some on Japanese breakfast, which is always interesting to hear about--they are so different in every culture!

TheSartorialist, that old standby, had a few ensembles that were interesting--like in NYC here or here, but lately there's a shift towards other street style blogs, like:

- TIRU, the excellent Japanese style blog, they have an amazing sense of aesthetics
- FY FRUiTS, an engaging look at the infamous J-style fashion magazine, very fresh/modern
- FY DropTokyo is extremely modern/minimalist and interesting.
- the more classically beautiful YesAsianStreet and the HarajukuStyle.

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