Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A&LD Roundup

A&LD Roundup is the Arts and Letters Daily article sifter and beyond. The good is always mixed in with the bad, or worse, the annoying. Right now there's a few good ones:

-an article on early Jamaican pop music

-an article on what poetry should come from--from a life of incredible experiences instead of postmodern navel gazing! They have great ideas.

-an article on the Met's just ended show on ear Renaissance art by Piero della Francesca [interesting especially if you like art]--note that the red coral necklace on the baby Jesus is an ancient Italian/Mediterranean good luck charm

-Borges's opinion on the point of literature: to enjoy it! A great read about his life as a teacher.

-a neat look at pop music's place [in many genres, anything popular] in emotion and society from the 1950s to the 1990s

Other links: always 3 Quarks Daily, which has the best collection of great articles on the web
the Cordite Poetry Review from Australia--they have an incredible amount of translations!

Just for fun: funny Anne Hathaway interview on her ocean accident on JimmyFallon

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