Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful everything

One artist I immediately knew I had to highlight when I saw her at ThisCPH is Louise Overgaard from Denmark. I want to get a dozen, her birds are done in a style of such energy and excitement.

I have a serious love of untouched industrial steel windows, the Scandinavian-looking type, and now I want to move into all the rooms of a HonestlyWTF post here.

I found some of the flower photography for OAK Magazine by Line Thit Klein neat; I always check out Line Thit Klein, and have complicated opinions, weirdly! Klein's shots of Yvonne Kone, with one here at AuCourantDaily is so beautiful, and Kone's blog is amazing. I want everything.

Giant green plants are always amazing, especially the ficus lyrata--there are tons of beautiful photos here.

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