Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Águas da Amazônia

Over at LitNav, some Portuguese poetry made me think of some great music that I want to highlight here. If you like Philip Glass's score soundtrack for the film The Hours [about Virginia Woolf and the eponymous book], try this out. If you like the Hannibal tv show music score by Brian Reitzell or atmospheric music, give this a shot.

Don't let the name Glass put you off--this isn't weird or unappealingly post-modern, it's great. If you like music of Enigma, try it.

It has a sense of wild movement. The Águas da Amazônia score cds of the Brazilian instrumental group Uakti and Philip Glass are incredible. The music is exceptional, it's not really new age but is a great expression of water and rivers and the rain forest.

The names of the rivers are really neat, there's the Tiquiê, the Japurá, the Purus, the Negro, the Madeira, the Tapajós, the Paru, the Xingu and the Amazon. It all makes you want to book a ticket down there. Try the Japura River song here and see if it appeals.

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