Friday, April 11, 2014


Some classic sites to check out are:

The Sartorialist - for pictures of modern fashion in the streets of big cities

David Lebovitz - for pictures and stories of an American cook in Paris

Reddit earth photography - they've got photos of all corners of the Earth, the beauty of nature

Atlas Obscure - a guide and introduction to tons of odd/unique/eerie places and most of the world

British Museum Highlights - click on one of the many cultures and see a few top pieces, great to expose yourself to other art and time periods

Kawaii Only - for when you just want to look at some sweet, cute little pictures

By Appointment Only - It's old but it's good, a guide to the hidden awesome world of 'bao' Paris, where you must call ahead and reserve times to even shop in the best places

Nijinsky - It might be in German, but it has really great early dance videos and information. Run it through a translator if you can't make it out.

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