Saturday, April 12, 2014

Link roundup

Links for fun:

Intelligent Travel - to read and see photos about fascinating trips to really neat, unusual places

Eating Asia - to read about foreign food, with photos, and learn a lot--I love trying Asian food, so this is so much fun to read!

Non-Western Historical Fashion - this has great photos of museum pieces, and foreign garb, it's really great and has ancient stuff to pre-modern to post-modern. It's very fun to learn more about ancient fashion in different cultures, many of which still wear the same clothes.

Phil Noto - the famous illustrator puts up his work, it's great, all modern clean lines; he has a very simple but expressive style.

Serious Eats - the place to read about crazy new pizza combinations, local recs on food from all over the world, and great discussions of everything related to meals

Met Museum of Art, NYC - a great place to browse the highlights of their collection in any time period

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