Thursday, April 24, 2014

New music

Pauline Kamusewu, [often know just as 'Pauline'] the great Zimbabwean and Italian singer from Sweden, has some great songs especially if you like classic pop--half modern and half Sinatra. She has four top songs.

They stand out even against modern, daily Katy Perry pop--I actually think her fans would like this as well as older listeners. Actually, she has some musical similarities to Rihanna, I think; there's sometimes a reggae edge. Here are the four top songs: "Loving You", her "Answer",  her "Happy People", and "Give Me a Call".

Here's her official youtube channel. They're crazy catchy, and have great progressions, I love it. Also, "Little Did I Know" is fun too.

If you need a running/gym/exercise song, one great track for the playlists is Namie Amuro's "Hands on me"--and we typically don't care for Japanese music/'jpop'.

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