Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rest within travel

Riad El Fenn is somewhere I have to see, it's a beautiful hotel in Morocco's city of Marrakech, featured in both LonnyMagazine and HWTF. I also liked HWTF's look at Marchesa's spring 2013 scarlet and India-inspired collection. You can buy a ton of Marchesa stuff at the famous Net-A-Porter site. In the future, we will focus on traditional Indian wear, which is gorgeous.

My favorite old designers are Marchesa [that's the tumblr, this is Neiman], Christian Lacroix's old work and Alessandro dell'Acqua, who's now calling his designs "No.21"- I love the VestiaireCollective for finding fashion pieces, it's so fun to look through all the beauty.

Travel can be oddly restful, to be in a new place, trying to speak another language or two the best you can. You're free. You can watch the cream of the crop dash by one of the famous outdoor cafes in Madrid as a fan blowing cool water mist rolls past, or you can hike on foot everywhere day after day.

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