Friday, April 18, 2014

Early jazz

If you like early jazz, one person to try is C.W. Stoneking. I've listened to a lot of early slap-dash, forming phase jazz and it's really interesting--and I'm not some wild fan of say Theolonius Monk. While jazz is fine, it's often best when mixed with other forms.

Try 'Back luck everywhere you go', 'Charlie Bostocks Blues' and 'Rich man blues'. Stoneking sounds like a farmer from out in the country in 1903. You'd never think he is a current guy from Australia, he literally doesn't sound like it at all. There's such a vibe of an earlier B.B. King, especially his greatest song 'Please love me'.

This is the type of music I associate with New Orleans actually, despite having no reason to. I am not much of a fan of the music I am told people play there [modern jazz and the usual stuff], but I do love Andrei Codrescu's classic books [be sure to read New Orleans, Mon Amour, I loved it] on the city and the perfect Rebirth Brass Band. Their song 'Do Whatcha Wanna' is just the best.

I have always felt NOLA is our French and American version of Venice.

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