Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Music with a side of fashion

A great piece is by Jeff Beal from the HBO Rome tv series, the main Egyptian theme, Cleopatra & Caesar. Roman, Greek and Egyptian music are all something we have to imagine, as the ancients had only rudimentary systems of recording music that we can read just barely. Some people have reconstructed what they imagine it all might sound like, which is really neat. I will focus on it in the future.

One more light hearted and summer-y is Widy's Baby Baby and here's the acoustic version which is very cute.

When I saw Peter Som's spring 2013 collection at HWTF here, I knew I had to feature it someday--it's so light and floral and dreamy without being twee or looking too frothy. I like the modern edge it has, which doesn't bleed over into brash or harsh lines. Sometimes people think pairing extremes is a good idea, but it only works when great skill is involved. In this case, the way he incorporates his prints is excellent--and even his pastels are done in a great manner.

The photo is from the great SnobEssentials here, I cropped it to focus on the details. If you love fashion, the site might be a daily check for you, as it is for me. It's a fun read, covering a lot of stuff.

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