Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tropical Home

These pictures of the north of Vietnam are really beautiful from HWTF, I love travel photos, especially National Geographic. Also, I love these gorgeous examples of strong, wild wallpaper that entices, that you could live in. I find wallpaper is often a pastel, weak joke instead of something invigorating. I'm not even very modern, but fragile colors can't dominate a room, they usually are more for edging. I like a lot of the orange patterns, surprisingly. They're in great shades of tangerine.

I also really like Sketch42's posts on wallpaper. ElleDecor had some neat looks, but their focus on entryways unexpectedly turned out to be incredible, with photos from disparate beautiful interiors--be sure to see the one from Egypt filled with unique antiques and the bright colored patterns that dominate several of the rooms. The one thing I always love is bright colors, or excellent antiques, or unique flotsam and jetsam, or enormous mirrors.

Fromental from the UK has some great wallpapers and furniture in this tropical vein--I love the big green trees and leaves on this set of stuff at ElleDecor--I love the PierryFrey Aloha patterns, like Miami and Mauritius.

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