Saturday, April 12, 2014

Film rec: fun only

If you just want to watch a film for fun, for action I like the Bourne series [and the books] and the first Kill Bill movie. I liked The Holiday for simple romantic comedy fun and Shakespeare in Love was cute. I also liked the first Tomb Raider movie with Chris Barrie, he's great and so much fun.

The Golden Compass is a must see just for the compass itself, an alethiometer, or 'truth-measurer', it's incredible. They really let it come to life. Eva Green is great in it; but the film is a little sad, really. The book is just tragic, I'm warning you.

Brick is a really fun film for anyone who loves Chandler, Hammett, Sam Spade, noir and classic detective fiction. It's done in an old fashioned style with old slang. It's quite incredible and worth the time to watch it twice. The score is excellent too. What a great movie. I don't even usually love Joseph Gordon Levitt, but here I didn't recognize him--at all. He was excellent. I want to see him in more of these roles.

He was also great in Inception, though. If you want a wild, thrill ride of a movie, try it. It's like MC Escher made into a film. Tom Hardy is excellent as well, and I loved Marion Cotillard.

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